At The Little Red Wagon, we provide a home away from home for your little ones.  We are a licensed home-based preschool and daycare with space for up to 12 children. Our adult:child ratio is 1:3 to 1:5 which means your child will receive a lot of attention and care. Our warm, nurturing and loving environment will help your child to grow and learn in a safe and playful place.  

Our mission is to provide high quality, loving, nurturing, and enriching education and care for children in a safe, healthy and fun learning environment.  The development of a young child is a process that requires careful attention to the evolving needs of the “whole” child.  This includes nurturing the child physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Our small home-based learning environment provides the ideal opportunity for your child to grow, from infancy through preschool years, in a comfortable space with experienced and attentive caregivers.

A small, mixed-age group provides a stimulating social environment for children of all ages to learn empathy, sharing, caring and a sense of community and friendships. 

We cook nutritious meals and snacks (some ingredients fresh from our garden!), take leisurely walks to the park, and explore our neighborhood community. We don't waste our time watching television during any part of the day.  We have too much fun listening to and making music, reading books, making crafts, running around and having good healthy and active fun.  Don't you wish you could join us at The Little Red Wagon?  (sorry, only kids allowed)


 The Little Red Wagon Preschool & Daycare

License # 073406612

El Cerrito, CA

For more information, please contact Atcha at
(510) 301-3957

email at

Our Facility

Our home-like atmosphere eases the transition from your child's own home to eventually, a more formal learning environment. Our indoor classroom is open and sunny filled with stimulating learning materials and engaging activities.  We have cozy reading areas for story and music time, and our playroom is filled with lots of toys for imaginary play. 

We have a beautiful outdoor play area with sandbox, play structures, a playhouse and gazebo.  There is a covered patio which provides a great place for fun, messy projects or lunchtime picnics.  We're growing a vegetable garden for learning about plants and bugs and composting. 

Our kitchen is where we create and concoct all sorts of arts and crafts to stimulate creativity and imagination (and to decorate your refrigerators at home). 

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